1. People Analytics


We begin with an organizational assessment to measure how well your team is working together, and the overall capacity of your people to evolve and adapt to change. The data we generate here is a first step toward a comprehensive people analytics strategy to measure the impact of our work.

2. Self Mastery


Our holistic learning methodologies help your team members unlock their self curiosity, creativity and problem-solving capacity. Through a combination of evidenced-based tools and aligning your team members in their intrinsic learning motivation, we unleash dormant potential.

3. Collective Excellence


The foundation of Concentra are team circling processes that accelerate learning by creating an environment where team members learn with and from each other. Team circles build trust, cohesion, and communication to create a culture of collective excellence that achieves organizational objectives.

“I notice I am experiencing more mindful awareness and emotional regulation, seeing the forest from the trees. Before I felt like I was wandering around a dark room with a match that allowed me to see a few feet around me, but now the light is on. The room didn’t change, but my ability to figure out where I’m going, what the solutions lead to, how I’m reacting, etc. I can just be a lot more intentional about how I approach leadership situations.”

-Former Microsoft Executive, Now Co-Founder and CTO of Startup with $180M of funding


Concentra Design Principles

  1. Accessible to all team members

  2. Holistic development

  3. Learn with and from each other

  4. Deeper cultural insights than surveys alone

  5. Simple & time-efficient


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