1. Assessment & Micro-learning


We begin with uncovering blind spots and bright spots in team performance, leadership, and culture. With this awareness, we work with your leaders to create custom learning paths and track organizational progress. As an added benefit, our proprietary assessment platform includes personalized micro-learning for all team members.

2. Leadership Development


Sustainable organizational transformation is only possible when leaders set the example, which is why our coaching and facilitation is designed to empower your leaders to initiate change within their respective teams. There is nothing more inspiring to team members than seeing their leaders committed to personal and organizational transformation.

3. Five Elements Program


Our signature program focuses on five areas that reliably lead to a flourishing organizational ecosystem. Through a combination of mindful leadership, culture building, EQ/wellbeing, improved hiring & engagement, and purpose mindsets, we help you create a sustainable, innovative and deeply engaging workplace environment.

“I really appreciate the energy and wisdom that Justin brought to the session, but I especially want to acknowledge the heart. All of our team members were genuinely impacted by this work and we had a number of courageous conversations following the training as a result. An amazing learning experience for me and the team. The team is still buzzing.”

-T.M. - Growth Stage CEO


Our Cultural Values

Motivate from Service
Unconditional Acceptance of Self & Others
Find the Balance in All Things
Appreciation & High Openness to Feedback
Autonomy & Radical Responsibility Mindful Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
Stretch the Edges of Human Potential


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