1. People Analytics


A comprehensive impact fidelity strategy is fundamental to the Concentra platform to ensure our methodologies achieve sustainable organizational transformation. This is why we begin with an organizational assessment to uncover blind spots and bright spots in relation to organizational wellbeing, performance, leadership, and culture.

2. Self Mastery


Our holistic learning methodologies help your team members unlock their self curiosity, creativity and problem-solving capacity. Our approach is unique in that we let people choose the skills and qualities they are intrinsically motivated to learn to achieve self mastery in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

3. Collective Excellence


A key driver of Concentra’s success are team circling processes that accelerate learning by creating an environment where team members learn with and from each other. Team circles build trust, cohesion, and communication to create a culture of collective excellence. The result is a self-generative culture that reliably achieves organizational objectives.

“I notice I am experiencing more mindful awareness and emotional regulation, seeing the forest from the trees. Before I felt like I was wandering around a dark room with a match that allowed me to see a few feet around me, but now the light is on. The room didn’t change, but my ability to figure out where I’m going, what the solutions lead to, how I’m reacting, etc. I can just be a lot more intentional about how I approach leadership situations.”

-Former Microsoft Executive, Now Co-Founder and CTO of Startup with $180M of funding


Concentra Platform Design Principles

Whole Person Development
Intrinsically Motivated Learning
People Grow Best in Community
Awaken Mindfulness
Sustainable Growth Takes Time
Impact Fidelity - Measure Everything

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