Leadership Coaching

Good Culture’s’ coaches and psychologists help executives and managers expand their individual, leadership, and organizational skills. As companies grow and scale, it is important that a leaders psychological, leadership, and cultural awareness scales at the same time.

All aspects of our coaching are backed by rigorous scientific research, and have been taught to executives at some of the top global companies. Our clients develop the tools, skills, and self-mastery to operate at a sustainable high level of performance, leading to enhanced leadership, wellbeing, and overall global impact.

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Step 1 - Assessment & Action Agenda

Clients begin by taking our proprietary psychometric assessment designed by our team of executive coaches and psychologists to uncover blind spots and celebrate bright spots in relation to performance and leadership. The awareness assessment is taken again at our 6-month check point so we can track reliable shifts in mindset, awareness, and leadership capabilities.

With the assessment results, we then match our clients with the coach best suited to their unique needs. The coach will then review the results with the client and ask clarifying questions to get to the unique stories and assumptions underneath the data. Through this process we begin generating our action agenda for our engagement.


Step 2 - 360 Interviews & Report

In addition to the self-assessment, we conduct 360 interviews with our client’s close colleagues - and even family members -  to ensure no opportunities for growth and development are missed.

The questions we ask for the 360 differ for each client, as they are based on the patterns identified in the self assessment.

After completing the 360 interviews, we then deliver our clients a comprehensive report outlining opportunities for growth and development.


Step 3 - Coaching + On-Demand Support

We typically meet with clients fortnightly for one hour virtual video sessions over a minimum 6-month time period. We have found fortnightly works well for a busy leader’s schedule. At the completion of each session, we agree on action items to complete before our next session.

We recognize life and business does not happen in 2-week intervals. When challenges arise, our coaches make themselves available for texts, e-mails, and quick calls to quickly clear roadblocks.


Step 4 - Six-Month Impact Report

After 6-months clients take our assessment again, we reconnect with their colleagues, and we generate a 6-month progress report that includes data, qualitative insights, and testimonials. The report als outlines a continuous learning & development strategy, if necessary.

This is where we derive the most joy from our work. To see that the work we are doing is having a positive impact on leadership and the organization at large.


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