Concentra Platform™

We believe that real change comes from within, and from that transformative place, all else follows.

Most learning & development programs follow the same script: Assess your team members, discover their skills gaps, and send them to a skills training program with the belief system that as individual performance improves, so will organizational performance. There is certainly merit to this approach, but ask yourself honestly, are you really unlocking organizational breakthroughs with this methodology?

The Good Culture Concentra platform was designed to change the rules of the traditional learning & development program. The design principles are below, and if you like what you hear, we invite you to contact our team to learn more.


Design Principle #1 - Vertical Development

Our learning approach emphasizes whole person development - head, heart, and body. By aligning the three centers of human intelligence, your people can unlock performance that they previously deemed impossible.


Design Principle #2 - Intrinsically Motivated Learning

We let people choose the skills and qualities they want to develop to address the real opportunities or challenges facing them. We have found this intrinsic-based learning approach is far more effective than motivating from fear-based deficiencies.

This design principle is based on the belief that life and work are the teacher. What we need to learn will inevitably show up, and it’s up to the individual to choose what they want to learn.


Design Principle #3 - Awaken Mindfulness

When most people think of mindfulness, they think of a meditation practice. Indeed science reveals at least 20 minutes of mindful practice per day does wonders for us personally and professionally. There are literately thousands of studies that demonstrate the positive impacts of a mindfulness practice.  

That said, mindfulness is not just a meditation practice, it is a daily practice of operating with enhanced focus, awareness, and self curiosity. Through Concentra we support people in awakening their self curiosity and problem-solving muscles. By developing their internal compass, your team members will have everything they need to self-generate and course correct.


Design Principle #4 - People Learn Best in Community

While there are many merits to individual coaching, we have found that learning is exponential in community settings. Through our circling processes, team members learn with and from each other. In doing so, your organization builds team trust, cohesion and culture which are the ingredients to collective excellence and organizational breakthroughs.


Design Principle #5 - Sustainable Growth Takes Time

In today’s instant gratification world, we like to think that human development can be similar to hailing an Uber. However, 150,000 years of hardware tells us otherwise.

Sustainable human development takes time. As part of the Concentra platform, we actually slow people down to learn how to connect to the inner wisdom and curiosity necessary for them to achieve sustainable breakthroughs.


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