How Concentra Works

In addition to comprehensive people analytics, Concentra provides your organization the ability to act on insights through scalable team circling processes that allow all team members to participate. Here’s how it works…


Step 1 - People Analytics

We begin with your team members taking our proprietary self assessment to uncover organizational bright spots and blind spots in relation to wellbeing, performance, and culture. This is critical data to help us achieve our impact fidelity goals of measuring the impact of Concentra on all levels of your organization.


Step 2 - Application

We require your team members to apply to Concentra. This creates commitment and buy-in to the platform, and differs from traditional L&D programs where people are often required to participate.

Our belief is that commitment is the foundation to growth potential.


Step 3 - Intro Workshop

Once the application process is complete, we invite your team members to participate in an introductory workshop where they will learn evidenced-based self awareness skills that they will practice in their monthly team circles. This is the first step for your team members to become self generating and self-correcting.

During this experience team members will also get clear about what they are intrinsically motivated to learn.  


Step 4 - Team Circles

Upon completion of the introductory workshop, team members will be placed in 6-8 person team circles where they will build trust, connect authentically, and solve problems together. 

The circles are a safe place for co-workers to share what really matters to them, to get past the bureaucratic posturing of meetings, and talk about their feelings and struggles. Our processes also support team members to develop their self curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving muscles, that way they can become self-generating and capable of addressing any opportunities and challenges that arise in their daily work.

The circles meet monthly for 90 minutes, are professionally facilitated, and include minimum content to guide the process of sustainable learning.


Step 5 - Impact Fidelity

This is where the power of the Concentra platform is revealed. Through our psychometric assessment tools and qualitative feedback generated during the circles, we unlock deep-level cultural insights and are able to track the impact of our work.


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