How Concentra Works

Concentra is typically deployed by organizations over a 1-year period. We have found this is the right amount of time for individuals to generate self-mastery and build the capacity to course correct through the natural ebbs and flows of work and life. Below is how the program typically works:


Step 1 - People Analytics

We begin with your team members taking our proprietary self assessment to uncover organizational bright spots and blind spots in relation to wellbeing, performance, and culture. This is critical data to help us achieve our impact fidelity goals of measuring the impact of Concentra on all levels of your organization.


Step 2 - Application

After deciding on the size of your initial cohort, your team members are required to apply to Concentra. This creates commitment and buy-in to the platform, and differs significantly from traditional L&D programs that seek to develop the “chosen few” high potential talents.

Our belief is that with the right conditions and commitment levels, all humans are high potential talent.


Step 3 - Orientation

Once the application process is complete and the cohort selected, we recommend a 1-day orientation either at your offices or in a beautiful natural location. During this orientation, your team members will learn about the design principles of the Concentra platform, be placed in circles, and assigned their learning buddy.

At the completion of the 1-year program, we recommend another 1-day event to celebrate progress and identify those team members who would like to step into the role of facilitating circles for future cohorts.  


Step 4 - Team Circles & On-Demand Coaching

After the orientation, team members will be assigned a learning buddy and placed in a 6-person team circle. As a design principle, no team member will be placed in a circle with their boss.

The circles will meet monthly for 75-90 minutes, are initially facilitated by a member of our team, and include no content or curriculum. Our circling processes are designed to help people develop their self curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving muscles, that way they can learn and grow long after they participate in Concentra.

In addition to the circles, team members also benefit from on-demand individual coaching sessions when needed.


Step 5 - Impact Fidelity

This is where the power of the Concentra platform is revealed. Through our combined assessment tools and qualitative feedback generated during the 1-year period, we reveal the impact of the Concentra program on your organization.

Past programs have generated extraordinary results, including:

  • 89% increase in engagement

  • 91% increase in productivity

  • 74% increase in sense of meaning

  • 94% net promoter scores

  • 100% increase in individual ownership of development

  • 97% increase in more creative and innovation solutions to challenges


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