“You should have signed up years ago.”

"As a leader or management team member if you read about the Good Culture programs and think 'I am just too busy for something like this' you should've signed up a year ago."

— T.M. - Growth Stage CEO

“It’s like re-learning to be human.”

"Very deep, reflective, and relevant. The feeling is like re-learning how to be human.”

— A.T. - Growth Stage CEO

“I notice I am experiencing more mindful awareness and emotional regulation, seeing the forest from the trees. Before I felt like I was wandering around a dark room with a match that allowed me to see a few feet around me, but now the light is on. The room didn’t change, but my ability to figure out where I’m going, what the solutions lead to, how I’m reacting, etc. I can just be a lot more intentional about how I approach leadership situations.”

— Former Microsoft Executive, Now Growth Stage Founder


“Be Prepared to Confront Hard Truths.”

"Be prepared to confront some hard truths on both a personal and professional level, but rest assured it will be the start of something bigger.”

— A.C. - Growth Stage Female Executive

“Recommit to our mission.”

"We came to Good Culture as a senior management team undergoing a turbulent transitory period. The sessions and time given to reflect as a group really helped us rebuild trust and recommitment to our mission."

— C.F. - Growth Stage CEO


“Build products of the future.”

Relevant and cutting edge techniques for leading teams and running our business. What we learned will help us build products of the future. 

— B.E - Chief Product Officer.

“Bring this learning to life”

Our sessions pushed and challenged our leaders to learn and grow. We left with tools to bring this learning to life. 

— J.B - Growth Stage CEO.


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