5 Elements Program™

We believe that real change comes from within, and from that transformative place, all else follows. Through our signature 5 Elements Program, we first unlock you and your team’s potential as world-class leaders and then help you bring those same exceptional elements into your culture and hiring ethos. Rather than drawing from a cookie cutter model, Good Culture will work with you to develop a highly customized culture amplification program -- one that is anchored in your organization’s unique and authentic qualities and will position your company for long term sustainability. Below is a quick overview of the 5 Elements:


Element 1 - Mindful Leadership

Our world needs and deserves exceptional, self-actualized leaders -- leaders who have an unwavering commitment towards self-mastery and expansion; and are in service of their employees, customers and the planet, at large. Using a powerful combination of both science and personal 1:1 coaching, we develop world-class visionary leaders who can unlock the inner genius in your people, inspire passion and spark action. We will work to elevate your leaders to their greatest potential, sharpen their decision-making skills and bring your hiring & engagement strategies into focus.


Element 2 - Culture Building

Culture is far more than writing seven values on a wall, or providing your employees free lunch, bean bags, or meditation rooms. Culture is formed by the underlying beliefs, assumptions, and values that contribute to the unique social, psychological, and spiritual environment of an organization. Or as organizational psychologists Deal and Kennedy said in 2000, culture is simply “the way things are done around here.”

Culture evolves as companies grow and scale, which is why it’s essential to regularly monitor your culture as it impacts your hiring, engagement, wellbeing, and overall business strategy. Our culture experts will help you become intimate with your unique culture, and leverage its strengths to achieve extraordinary business impact.


Element 3 - Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing

As they say, building a company is no easy feat. Often, leaders trade their own wellbeing without realizing that doing so negatively impacts both their health and performance. We have top wellbeing experts in the world on our team.

Through our facilitation we completely dispel the myth that "burnout is a requirement for success" by coaching your team on cutting edge leadership psychology and emotional intelligence skills that have been scientifically evidenced to reduce stress, expand time, sharpen focus, and minimize the risk of burnout. The results are improved overall health and wellbeing and sustainable high level of performance throughout your organization.  


Element 4 - Hiring & Engagement

If your main method for hiring is to review resumes, you’re likely not optimizing for attracting world class talent to your company. If you’re relying on office trinkets and late night beer pong to drive employee engagement, you’re likely not creating the kind of diversity, drive and deep connections that accelerate performance. Our team of organizational development experts can help bring strategy and focus into your hiring efforts. We promise you it will be the most worthwhile investment you will make to ensure your company not only thrives and succeeds today, but positions itself well for the future.


Element 5 - Purpose & Social Impact

If you believe the sole purpose of a business is to make a profit, you are likely missing out on attracting top talent. Today’s A-level talent are looking for more than a paycheck; they want to know that they are spending the majority of their lives having a positive impact on their community and planet. Even if your business or product is not inherently social and environmentally-minded, that does not mean you cannot design a social impact strategy that inspires your talent. We look forward to helping you based on our vast experience working with purpose-driven businesses.


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